About us

    About us

    PRIME.design was born out of the international experience of Stijn Van den Eeden with cladding and joinery systems. Stijn has a degree in civil engineering, a specialisation in Building Physics and thesis on fundamental research on cladding products.

    After 10 years of working for one of the most global manufacturers of Building Products, Stijn has co-developed solutions for projects located in over 25 countries, in the most extreme climate zones, with a broad range of systems and in co-operation with first-class architectural practices, resulting in the unique product range of PRIME.design. Stijn settled in New Zealand in 2010 and has been involved in some of the most iconic projects in the country. He also became a registered Passive House Designer in 2013.

    PRIME.design strives to offer complete quality solutions by sourcing mostly from the European markets. While specialising in the commercial sector, we can also provide a key offering to residential clients where enhanced performance or aesthetics are required.

    PRIME.design fabricates in 2 factories based in Auckland and Christchurch. We use the latest computer technology to assist in structural and thermal performance of its solutions and has been involved in some of the most advanced technical solutions (as in 4-rail stacking door for Passive houses). Whether your project is large or small, PRIME seeks to provide the most efficient and cost effective design solutions possible, offering a total service for all contracts.

    Finally, PRIME.design is involved in value engineering from an early stage and can provide solutions that will save money to contractors, investors and end users.

    We remain focused on offering highly technical design expertise, assurance of providing a quality product, efficient service and total client satisfaction.

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    Factory + offices Auckland: 18A Aerovista Place, Manukau, 2104 Auckland
    Factory Christchurch: 17A Wickham Str, Bromley, 8062 Christchurch 

    PO Box 97645, Manukau, Auckland 2241

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