Product Range - Fire Resistant

WINDOWS: CS-77 FP suite

CS-77 FP suite consists of aluminium extruded profiles, connected with a thermal break made up of multiple polyamide strips, and with a combination of intumescent strips, stainless steel glass clips and an endothermic core (absorbing heat).  The range of configurations is endless, the depth of the system is 77mm and an optional burglar proof set-up is available.

Fire rated Pilkington laminated glass of 15mm and IGU’s of up to 49mm fit in the CS-77 FP joinery suite.  The use of high-grade weather seals with the accessories available from the CS-77 window system, means this solution provides excellent weather performance.

The CS-77 FP is one of the highest performing window systems available with SLS wind load resistance of up to 1600 Pa, water tightness of 600 Pa, acoustic performance of 34 to 51 dB(A) depending on the glass, class 4 in air permeability (highest class), and optional bullet proof or burglar/security features. 


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The thermally broken window system has excellent Uf values for the frame.  The frames come in standard natural anodised finish or can be powder coated in Dulux or Resene colours.


DOORS: CS-77 FP Screen Shot 2014 08 18 At 113831



The curtain wall suite CW-50 FP has an incorporated steel RHS in the mullion that provides temporal structural stability to the aluminium curtain wall system during a fire. 

Glass of 33 to 48mm can be accommodated in the curtain wall suite.  Standard solutions for weather tightness give the curtain wall suite excellent weather tightness in external applications. 

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GLASS sources Pilkington glass for the fire rated systems.  The selection of the glass depends on the required fire resistance, internal or external use, required U values and the dimensions of the window or door. will happily calculate the required glass for your project. Contact us for more information.