Tilt-and-turn hardware allows windows to swing in or tilt in with a simple turn of the handle.  It allows windows to stay open with a small, secure opening at the top, or to be opened completely.

Tilt-and-Turn lock

Same as above, yet to fully open the windows a key is required.  Very useful when windows need to be opened inwards for cleaning but only by approved users/cleaners. Others are able to open the windows as a hopper window.



Lift-and-slide hardware for sliding doors allows doors to be lifted away from sealing gaskets and brushes which create friction.  Same as above, with restricted use.  This system allows general users to access the tilt function of the window.  Authorised users/cleaners can use a key to open the turn function to allow for cleaning of exterior of glazing.

When the door comes to its end position, a simple turn of the handle lowers the door onto the rails, sealing it to the frame with a system of gaskets at the top and bottom.  Lift-and-slide doors are one of the most airtight sliding doors in the market, with excellent weathering performance.




Screen Shot 2014 09 10 At 120306

Purity is a real design feature, designed specifically for Reynaers Aluminium and with the newest high-tech features including extreme corrosion resistance, hypoallergenic surface treatment, and the use of the PURA alloy.   

Focus: Minimal 



Screen Shot 2014 09 10 At 121737

Horizon is a very modern handle in the Reynaers range.  The sleek design makes it ideal with any type of window or door.  The handle is characterised by the horizontal detail which gives it a very special effect.

Focus: Modern 


Screen Shot 2014 09 10 At 121746

Orchid is a beautiful and elegant series. These handles are very reliable and cost effective.  The series is characterised by the rounded design that radiates in it's simplicity.

Focus: Comfort


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Shield is our safest and strongest series of handles. Created as a high security solution, these handles are characterised by their rugged, robust and reliable design.  This was proved when Shield received the WK2 safety score.

Focus: Safety