Hi-Finity Sliding

Hi - Finity

The best views are ones not obstructed by joinery!  PRIME.design offers a truly exceptional ultra-slim design for sliding doors, with outstanding performance.  Using large glass panels of up to 500kgs, this system allows for a sleek, modern and elegant appearance.  The well-engineered thermally broken system reduces or eliminates condensation on the frame and glass. The Hi-Finity Sliding Systems come in manual and automated options.

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The aluminium Hi-Finity Sliding Systems originate in Europe and have been tested to European standards that are compliant with NZS4211.  The supplier of the systems is Reynaers Aluminium, one of the world’s largest developers of aluminium joinery.

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The performance of the Hi-Finity sliding doors is exceptional.  Thermal and acoustic performance, air tightness and weather resistance are well above standard, yet are combined with an elegant structure.  The product has been tested for security protection, comes with concealed locking technology, a minimalist handle and best-in-class rolling hardware.

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