Passive Ventilation


Bad interior office climates lead to yearly estimated costs of up to max 75 Billion USD in the US


Badly ventilated or polluted ventilation systems, pathogenic / allergenic organisms flourishing in the office interior climate due to high humidity and lack of ventilation, fungus growth due to the decay of building materials and risk to human health, thermal discomfort etc  are common issues.

Studies have shown that sealed buildings with air-conditioning have a higher prevalence of work-related diseases (M. Mendell 1990,2004,2007) . Considering that cities in New Zealand have excellent air quality (WHO study 91 countries 2003-2010), we need to look for solutions to use outdoor air in all seasons and limit unnecessary heat loss due to exaggerated ventilation rates.

The Ventalis self-regulating passive ventilation from Reynaers Aluminium is the first system in New Zealand that controls the air-flow from the outside to the inside, without using energy and with almost no maintenance. A membrane closes off ventilation openings in the Ventalis box, as the pressure difference between in and out increases, limiting the air flow and resulting in an almost constant air-flow. The system gets incorporated into the window joinery, and is ALWAYS operational unless closed off for specific reasons. 

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No more overcooling in winter times on windy days, always the exact amount of required fresh air. Arguably, the most economic, smart and elegant solution in the market. A specially developed cap on the interior, drives the air flow towards the ceiling and imperceptable to the users inside.