CS - 104 - Windows and Doors

 Solution for passive construction.


With the CS 104 window and door system, Reynaers achieves unparalleled insulation values for aluminium profiles in the building industry, introducing a solution for passive buildings. The high insulation levels, down to an Uf-value of 0.88 W/m²K, are achieved by the use of a patented insulation technology which contains a special foam, firmly fixed in the chamber of the insulation strip so that no extra manipulation is required when handling, processing and composing the window and door. A new set of specifically developed gaskets also assures the high level of the wind and water tightness of the system. After insulation, air tightness is the most important factor determining the energy efficiency of a window or door.

In addition to the high insulation values, CS 104 offers extremely high performance when it comes to water tightness. With values up to 900 Pa for windows and 300 Pa for doors, the system is suitable for extreme conditions such as coastal areas, and can be applied at extreme heights. The increased built-in depth of the profiles (the vent is 104mm deep) contributes furthermore to their strength and stability. This gives architects and builders the design benefits of large, expansive surfaces of triple glazing resulting in innovative, energy-efficient and yet sustainable solutions.




CS 104 Technical Performance


CS 104 Technical Performance 2

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