Cladding Systems’s range of cladding products is diverse and contemporary.  Due to the know-how and international experience of our technical team, is capable of creating a variety of quality creative facades, ranging from small to large size clay wall tiles, polycarbonate, fibre cement, HPL or even natural reconstituted stone.

Facades are thin and light weight and incorporate a cavity system that complies with the principles of pressure-equalisation, exterior grade durability and extended detailing to comply with the required conditions for the project. offers cavity systems starting from 50mm wide for one or multi-storey buildings and increases the cavity up to a max of 220mm for systems with external insulation.

The range of systems and products is broad and includes new and unique customised systems.  We test our systems according to NZS4284 and NZBC E2/VM1 and co-operate with one-stop façade contractors that warrants all installed products including windows, cladding and the interface details.

We are happy to assist with your design ideas and create unique, customised solutions that will make your project stand out.  Contact us at or by phone on 09 279 0339

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 Detail Corner Vs2

 Natural Slates

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