Clay tiles sources its clay wall tile products from Terreal - the leading French supplier of clay products - with 26 industrial sites worldwide and sales offices in Europe, the US and Asia.  The range of tiles consists of single and double walled tiles, acoustic tiles, includes corner pieces, different surface finishes and unique finishes such as the application of logos into the surface, the possibility to create tiles in any RAL colour, 3-D shapes and wall frescoes.

The substructure is designed to cope with New Zealand's high wind and high humidity conditions, with either an EPDM dryseal or negative detail in the vertical joint, a minimum 50mm wide cavity and horizontal shiplapped tiles.  The systems have been tested against wind pressures of up to 2.9 kPa (Blizzard tile).  The bracket system used is illustrated under T50 support structure.  As the tiles are hanging onto proprietary clips, the system does not create stress on the tiles but offers great seismic resistance (check out the amazing video below).  

Facades are thin and light weight (from 30 kg/m2) and the wide cavity system achieves pressure-equalisation, exterior grade 50-year durability and extended detailing to comply with the required conditions for the project.

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