Description - Flexible Wrap offers high-performing textile systems from Serge Ferrari Stamisol in lieu of building wrap, fibre cement underlay and other rigid air barriers.  This product offers excellent weathertightness, combined with flexibility, strength, vapour permeability, and ease of installation.  The ability to stretch is particularly important in areas where seismic movement may cause traditional systems to fail at fixing points or edges. Serge Ferrari Stamisol will withstand wind pressures of up to ULS +/- 2.5 kPa when fixed with brackets at 600 x 800mm centres in the absence of internal linings and external panels.

The cutting edge coating technology of Stamisol breather membranes mean they work just like our skin.  They breathe, act as a barrier to pollutants, and control building humidity and thermal performance.

These products are used in Europe for both roofing and cladding which is a testament to the product's durability in harsh conditions. 

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Features and benefits:

  • Weathertight up to 400mm of water column
  • Vapour-open: less than 9cm of sd
  • Flexible: stretch up to 27%
  • Strong: up to 280N/5cm
  • Tear resistant: up to 230N
  • Available in different colours and UV resistance

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