Polycarbonate - Cladding

AKRAPAN® is a polycarbonate multi-layered or honeycomb panel for aesthetically pleasing translucent applications.  It can be used wherever high thermal insulation, big free spans and easy fixing is required.

Fire behaviour: PRIME.design's products are defined as material group1-S when tested to ISO5660.1 with reduced risk for rapid fire spread.  For the available Product Range click here.

AKRAPAN® panels are extruded in UV protected polycarbonate and offer the following characteristics:


  • High transparency
  • High thermal insulation
  • Self supporting
  • Easy processing and installation
  • Lightweight
  • High weather and UV resistance
  • Fire behaviour to NZBC/C-VM2 :
    • Internal Spread (IS): group number 1-S
    • Vertical Spread (VS): buildings with sleeping spaces over 10.0m, would require horizontal fire apron or sprinkler system
    • Horizontal spread (HS): buildings up to 7.0 m high at least 1.0m from boundary or sprinklered buildings up to 25.0m


A. Cladding with AKRAPAN® panel in thickness 40mm

Screen Shot 2014 10 09 At 104917


B. Cladding with AKRAPAN® panels in thickness 16 - 20 -25mm

 Screen Shot 2014 10 09 At 105251

A. Akrapan® polycarbonate  B. Aluminium frame  
C. EPDM gasket                   D. PE inlay

C. Window joinery and curtain wall

Screen Shot 2014 09 09 At 123242



 D. Cladding with Sun Modul®

 Screen Shot 2014 09 01 At 101825

A. Sun Modul polycarbonate     B. Proprietary steel channel
C. Polycarbonate joint clip         D. Aluminium frame
E. PE infill                                  F. EPDM gasket


 E. Skylights

Screen Shot 2014 09 01 At 104603