Support Structures

Overview has developed cladding systems to install panels over different building structures and with varying cavity depths.


T50 3D

T90 - T220

T90 3D Vs2

FTF: Floor-to-floor system

FTF Thumb

MSS: Modular cladding system

MSS (1)



The cavity systems are based on European drained and vented cavity technology (drained only for MSS) with proprietary vertical profiles to improve weathertightness and ease of detailing.  The minimum cavity width is 50mm but can be extended to over 300mm depending on the selected system.

The systems have the option to either mechanically face fix or glue (concealed) fix the sheets. also offers a customised and tested solution for detailing flashings at windows, doors, corners etc (click here).

The wider cavities offer a better assurance of weathertightness, yet do not increase the cost compared to typical aluminium 20mm cavity systems.  All systems comply with B1, B2 and E2. has the capability to test specific designs for turnkey projects.  

System selection:

  • T50 is the standard 50mm drained and vented cavity for fibre cement, HPL (Trespa), stone cladding and clay tiles with structural supports every 600 x 800mm (WxH) maximum

  • T90 to T220 is used for the same materials as T50 but is preferred when insulation is required in the cavity over the Ferrari wrap or fibre cement underlay with structural supports every 600 x 800mm (WxH) maximum

  • FTF (Floor-to-floor) is used when there is no internal support structure to fix the cavity rails to floors only (max 3.5m)

  • MSS (modular) is used when installation has to be fast, or is restricted due to a lack of working space, or when cladding products need to be glue fixed in factory conditions only.