T50 - Support Structures

T50 Cladding System


The PRIME.design T50 system consists of an aluminium ventilated rainscreen support structure for cladding products.  The system installs over standard framing to NZS3604 requirements, and allows for concealed and mechanical fixing of a range of cladding products on a cavity with a width between 50 and 230mm.  T50 has been tested to NZS4284 and NZBC E2/VM1 using HPL (Trespa, as promoted by Decortech) or Kalsiclad HD+.

The typical hook (A) on the back of the vertical T50VR serves two purposes; it guards against water running around the vertical profile T50VR and it creates an easy, weathertight solution for the fixing of flashings onto the structure by means of the vertical clip T50CL.

The cladding products that can be fixed with the T50 system are

The following patterns with large-size façade panels are possible:

Screen Shot 2014 09 16 At 120244


  • Vertical aluminium profiles T50VR
  • Horizontal joint closer T50HR
  • Adjustable aluminium brackets T50BR, incl butyl base
  • Cavity closer T50CC
  • Flashing system to windows T50JB
  • Other available brackets: 


Screen Shot 2014 08 12 At 153330

Engineered brackets allow for fixed and floating points to cater for expansion of rainscreen panels and thermal movement of aluminium profiles.  


Screen Shot 2014 08 12 At 154442


Fixing method: concealed fixing

PRIME.design uses BOSTIK Paneltack and SIKA Sikatack for the bonding of panels on aluminium structure.  The glue system consists of four elements; primer for aluminium, primer for the back of the panel, double-sided adhesive tape, and structural glue.

 Screen Shot 2014 09 09 At 145515

Fixing method: mechanical fixing

Sheets are fixed with aluminium rivets with diameter of 4.8mm, length of minimum 20mm, and a head diameter of 16.0mm.  A customised aluminium ferule is used to avoid stress on the cladding sheet at the fixing point. 

Screen Shot 2014 08 12 At 154831