PRIME.design offers a broad range of solutions to fix Serge Ferrari® textiles externally for optimized protection against the sun. The following illustrations are an example of the many available options: 

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PRIME.design develops systems in co-operation with one of the leading European system providers, using simple yet ingenious technology that guarantees up to 10 years against sagging. Frames can be come in sizes up to maximum 6.0 x 2.0 m.

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The extensive range of colours of the Soltis textile, coupled with the light weight construction and speed of installation, make the Soltis textile option a very desirable and aesthetic screen. Printing on the textiles is optional.

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Benefits of external louvres: external shades partially block the sun's rays from entering the building and reduce overheating. The image below illustrates how external louvres are several times more effective in controlling overheating compared to internal blinds.

Effect External Blinds

The Soltis range of textiles blocks up to 88% of the solar radiation when installed externally, while excellent visual contact with the exterior is maintained.

Features and benefits

- Excellent thermal protection
- E
xcellent outward visibility
- S
ingle regular texture
- L
arge roll width for all colours
- l
ightweight durable and 100% recyclable
- E
xcellent UV resistance