Aluminium Honeycomb

Working with honeycomb structures for sun protection allows endless design options: a broad colour range, including metallic and textured finishes, smooth and rigid surfaces, and increased strength which allows for minimal brackets/fixings etc.

Larcore® honeycomb panels are manufactured in Spain, are lightweight and offer the best performing coatings.  The product comes with a proprietary fixing system and is guaranteed for 15 years in coastal areas and 25 years elsewhere.


Larcore® aluminium honeycomb panels with a thickness of up to 40mm are an economic yet flexible way of creating light-weight sun protection into the facade.  The product is guaranteed for a staggering 25 years and comes in a diverse range of colours and textures.  Wood-print and metallic sheets such as stainless steel, copper, zinc, weathering steel and brass are available. 



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                                                   Ref: Health Care Centre - Cordoba, Spain