Terracotta Tiles

Clay louvres work perfectly with clay wall tile cladding.  The range of products, colours and surface finishes provided by PRIME.design is huge.

The louvres can be installed horizontally or vertically, and the structure needs to be designed based on the wind loads, spans and the selected tile.

The available sections are either square, semi-rectangular, rectangular or elliptical.  PRIME.design has supplied and installed vertical louvres to 400mm wide, extruded in this natural material. 

There are 16 available colours with an optional anti-graffiti protection available. Louvres can be installed under different angles.  For design options and shadow angle calculations, please contact PRIME.design. An operable louvre structure is available with automation operated from the inside of the building.  

Select Product Range to see an overview of the available products. 

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